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Registering your Appaloosa Horse

Application for ApHC (USA) to ApHCC Pedigree Registration

Prior to completing an Application for ApHC (USA) to Canadian Pedigree Registration, read these directions and complete the form as instructed. This will help to avoid unnecessary delays. Horses registered with the ApHC (USA) will be eligible for identification by the ApHCC subject to the following requirements:

a) The horse must have at least one parent registered/identified with the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada or with the Appaloosa Horse Club, Moscow, Idaho. The other parent can be one of the following crosses:

i. The Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada, Register of Appaloosa Horses
ii. The Appaloosa Horse Club, Moscow, Idaho
iii. The American Quarter Horse Association, registered or appendix certificate, Amarillo,Texas
iv. The Canadian Quarter Horse Association, Ontario
v. The Jockey Club (Thoroughbred), New York, New York
vi. The Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society, Ontario

The "characteristic" Appaloosa, CPO Appaloosa, "no characteristic" Appaloosa, registered Quarter Horse, or registered Thoroughbred horse must be bred to an Appaloosa horse as described above which has a recognizable Appaloosa coat pattern, other than solid.

b) Regardless of the sex of the horse, its parents must meet the above requirement.

c) A copy of the front and back of the ApHC (USA) certificate must be submitted to the ApHCC with this application.

d) If the recorded owner at the time of application is not the recorded owner on the ApHC (USA) certificate, a transfer of ownership must be signed by the last recorded owner(s) and must accompany this application.

e) Four current photographs (complete left and right side views, direct front view, direct hind view) must accompany this application. Photographs must show all face markings, leg markings, brands, freeze marks, Appaloosa coat pattern and/or characteristics that are present (Section XII, E. 1). Photographs must confirm the markings that you have recorded on the reverse of the Application for Registration of Registration. If a marking is not visible in the photographs submitted, or if there appears to be a marking visible in the photographs submitted but not recorded on the Application for Registration of Pedigree, you will receive a request for additional photographs. These additional photographs will be required before the Registrar may consider issuing a certificate for the applicant horse.

f) Any horse registered with the ApHC (USA) and owned by a resident of Canada, must be registered with the ApHCC before the horse may be shown at ApHCC approved shows and before that horse’s progeny are qualified for registration with the ApHCC.

g) By submission of this application, the applicant certifies that all information on this application is true and correct, agrees that the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada has the privilege to correct and/or cancel the certificate for causes under its Constitution, By-laws, Regulations, and Rules, and agrees to make this horse available for blood typing and/or DNA typing and parentage verification should the applicant horse be chosen for testing pursuant to the Constitution, By-laws, Regulations, and Rules of the ApHCC and specifically the random parentage testing program.

h) If the applicant horse is a stallion or mare a Veterinary Doctor must complete the Veterinarian Evaluation Form supplied by the ApHCC.

i) ApHCC Bylaws, Section XI, Unacceptable Breeding and/or Characteristics, C. Genetic Disorders applies to applicants for ApHC (USA) to ApHCC Pedigree Registration, including, but not limited to HYPP.

j) Sex – Report the sex of the applicant horse. State the date gelded for geldings and if the applicant horse is a twin the sex of the twin must be recorded.

* Classification – Check the appropriate box. Regular classification denotes Appaloosas with a coat pattern other than solid. No Characteristic classification denotes Appaloosas with a solid coat pattern and no other Appaloosa characteristics. Characteristic classification denotes Appaloosas with a solid coat pattern and at least one of the other Appaloosa characteristics.

* Characteristics – Check the appropriate box(s) in relation to Visible White Sclera, Mottled Skin, and Striped Hooves.

* Glass or Blue Eyes – record if applicable

* Base Color – Check applicable Base Color

* Coat Pattern – Check applicable Coat Pattern

* Diagram and Written Description - Record all white leg markings and face markings. Record any scars, brands, unusual markings or color, tattoo, microchip, etc. When completing the written description and the diagram of face/leg markings, familiarize yourself with the definitions included in Appendix A of the ApHCC Official handbook (go to Color, Coat Pattern, Characteristics), remember that when you face the horse your right is his left, and use the following procedures:

* Front View - Facing the horse, draw the face markings, checking the upper lip, lower lip, and chin for markings. Write the written description of the face markings in the location provided. Check the lip for a tattoo and record tattoo number if present. Check for presence of white sclera, mottled skin, and/or glass or blue eyes and mark the appropriate box. Check for presence of striped hooves on all four hooves and mark the appropriate box. Draw the front view of markings of all four legs.

* Left View - Move to your right, noting any face markings visible. Check for brand, freeze mark, notable scars, and/or any unusual markings and write findings in the location provided. Mark the base color and the Appaloosa coat pattern in the appropriate box. Draw the left side view of leg markings on all four legs.

* Hind View - Continuing around the horse to your right, complete hind view of leg markings. Note color of tail.

* Right View - Repeat procedure as for left view. Complete the written description of the leg markings. Record color of mane and tail.

k) Registration fees must accompany the Application for Registration of Pedigree (go to Printable Application for ApHC (USA) to ApHCC Pedigree Registration Form). Cheque, money order, Visa or MasterCard payment for the amount due shall be included with the application. Membership fees normally do provide substantial savings in registration fees. Membership may be purchased at time of transaction to allow benefit of Members Fees.

Download the "Application for ApHC (USA) to ApHCC Pedigree Registration" form.
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