Winston Bruce, Rodeo Division Manager of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede has been using Appaloosa horses during his Arena Director duties since the early 1970's. The world famous Calgary Stampede has 10 performances per year with a packed grandstand of over 18,000 spectators for each performance. Every evening of the 10 day Stampede, the World Professional Chuckwagon Races are run with 18,000 more spectators for each performance.

Winston Bruce has 2 Appaloosa geldings which he alternates during the long days of arena work. Both geldings, "Boise" and "Idaho" are the classic black with a large white blanket and black spots.

In addition to the 360,000 spectators at the Stampede Rodeo and Chuckwagon performances that see Winston's Appaloosa geldings working calmly in the dust and excitement of the rodeo and chucks, Stampede performances are broadcast on CBC and ESPN television networks. The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede has its own 1 hour shown on TSN. Boise and Idaho have been seen by millions of international television viewers.

Each spring there are four days of Rodeo Royal at the 7000 seat Stampede Corral. Besides these major events, Winston generally uses his Appaloosas for the 20 or more small rodeos the Calgary Stampede produces such as, the President's Rodeo and rodeos for large conventions and special interest groups. Some of these rodeos are on the Stampede grounds while others are produced in other locations. The Stampede has produced rodeos as far away as Houston, Texas.

Winston Bruce is a very well known personality in the rodeo business. Born in Stettler, Alberta, he began his rodeo career as a young boy working with his rodeo producer and stock contractor father, Laurence Bruce. Winston won the Canadian Saddle Bronc Championship in 1957 and 1958. He won the World Championship Saddle Bronc title in 1961.

In 1989, Winston was inducted into the Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame, Colorado Springs, Colorado and was the first Canadian inductee. In 1995, he and his father Laurence were inducted into the Canadian Historical Rodeo Hall of Fame, which will be located in the Western Heritage Center in Cochrane, Alberta.

Winston retired from active competition and became an Assistant Arena Director for the Calgary Stampede in 1969. He became Arena Director in 1970 and in 1980, Rodeo Division Manager. He has served on the Board of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and is currently a Director for the Association of Rodeo Committees, Pendleton, Oregon. Over the years, Winston has even found the time to coach PeeWee Hockey and work with 4-H.

Winston started riding Appaloosa horses in the early 1970's. He wanted a colorful horse that "doesn't blend in with other horses". Harry Hobbs who was living in nearby Okotoks, Alberta, suggested if Winston wanted a colorful mount, "why not an Appaloosa?". At that time Harry had a black, spotted blanket stallion named Candy Bar King. Winston remembers him as "an outstanding horse, a beautiful animal". Harry lent Winston Candy Bar King to use in the arena. When the stallion died suddenly at an early age, Winston used Candy Bar King's sire, Tracy Bar King.

When Tracy Bar King died, leaving Winston without his trademark black Appaloosa, he borrowed an Appaloosa from Dwayne Madson in Idaho. Dwayne had trained the stallion for his trick horse and animal acts, so would not part with him. Dwayne found Winston the gelding "Idaho" in 1981. Idaho, born in 1972 was bred by E.H. Jurgensen, Washingon. His registered name is Krusaders Image by Kaped Krusader. Winston describes Idaho as very athletic. The gelding was shown in the US. Winston has been most impressed by how sound Idaho has remained through long days of hard riding on often poor arena footing. He says Idaho has "never taken a lame step".

The other gelding, "Boise", was purchased in 1993 to take over most of the aged Idaho's duties. Boise, foaled in 1982 was bred by Einar Lodahl, Wyoming. Named "Hilltop Mos by Seven Bar Plaudit, the gelding has the conformation of a halter horse. He was a team roping horse, used as a rodeo pick-up horse and as a school horse for riding lessons. Winston says the beautiful black gelding has a terrific disposition and he readily accepts people and any change or excitement.

Winston continues to ride Appaloosas because they have been "good horses" for him. He is easily impressed by their endurance and soundness. The beautiful Appaloosas Winston has used for the past 20 years have been seen by millions of people from all over the world, whether in person at one of the many Calgary Stampede productions or on international television broadcasts.

To the general public, the Calgary Stampede Appaloosas are the most famous Appaloosas in the world, and we honor Winston Bruce in his efforts to present beautiful, useable Appaloosas to the world.

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