John Walter Grant MacEwan was born on a farm near Brandon, Manitoba on August 12, 1902. He was the son of Alexander H. MacEwan and Bertha Grant. He went to public school in both Brandon, Manitoba and Melfort, Saskatchewan. He graduated with a B.S.A. Degree from the Ontario College of Agriculture in Guelph, Ontario in 1926 and received a Master of Science degree from Iowa State College in 1928. Seven years later, he married Phyllis W. Cline of Churchbridge, Saskatchewan, and had a daughter, Heather.

From 1928 to 1946, Dr. MacEwan was Professor of Animal Husbandry and Director of the School of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan. From 1946 to 1951, he was Dean of Agriculture and Home Economics at the University of Manitoba as well as Associate Editor of the "Canadian Cattleman", Agricultural Editor of "The Western Producer", and a contributor to the "Farm and Ranch Review". It was during this time, in 1954 to be precise, that MacEwan assisted James Wyatt (a fellow ApHCC Hall of Fame inductee), with the constitution and formation of the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada. MacEwan, who held lifetime ApHCC membership # 9, was also the judge of the first International Appaloosa Horse Show held in High River, Alberta in 1957.

After moving to Calgary, Dr. MacEwan served as an Alderman in the city of Calgary from 1953 to 1958. In 1955, he was elected to the Alberta Legislature and went on to become the Mayor of Calgary in 1963. In 1965 and on the advice of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, , J.W. Grant MacEwan was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. He was reappointed for a second term and continued to serve until a successor was appointed on July 2, 1974.

A prolific author, MacEwan wrote more than 40 books involving mostly western Canadian history and agriculture. (A listing of his books appears in this article.)

Other Accomplishments:

Calgary Community Foundation Chair
President of Men's Canadian Club of Calgary
Alberta Historical Resources Foundation Board of Directors (1976)
Alberta Historical Resources Foundation Chairman of the Board (1978)
Honorary Doctor of Laws Degrees from:
Universities of Alberta (1966), Calgary (1967), Brandon (1969), Guelph (1972), Saskatchewan (1974)
Awarded the Order of Canada (1975)

Received Governor General's Conservation Award (1985)
First recipient of the Premier's Award For Excellence (1985)
Named in his honor are an Edmonton Community College and a Calgary Elementary School

J.W. Grant MacEwan died June 15, 2000 at Calgary, Alberta. A lying-in-state was held in the Rotunda of the Legislature Building and he received a state funeral in Edmonton, Alberta on June 20, 2000. He was buried in Calgary at the Union Cemetery.

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Author of the Following Books
Breeds of Farm Livestock in Canada (1941)
Feeding of Farm Animals (1945)
Sodbusters (1948)
Agriculture on Parade: The Story of the Fairs and Exhibitions of Western Canada (1950)
Between the Red and the Rockies (1952)
Eye Opener Bob: The Story of Bob Edwards (1957)
Fifty Mighty Men (1958)
Calgary Cavalcade: From Fort to Fortune (1958)
John Ware's Cow Country (1960)
Blazing the Old Cattle Trail (1962)
Hoofprints and Hitchingposts (1964)
Poking into Politics (1966)
Entrusted to My Care (1966)
Harvest of Bread (1967)
West to the Sea (1968)
Tantanga Mani: Walking Buffalo of the Stonies (1969)
Portrait from the Plains (1969)
Power for Prairie Plows (1971)
Sitting Bull: The Years in Canada (1973)
This is Calgary (1973)
Battle for the Bay (1975)
And Mighty Women Too: Stories of
Notable Western Canadian Women (1975)
Memory Meadows: Horse Stories from Canada's Past (1976)
Cornerstone Colony: Selkirk's Contribution to
the Canadian West (1977)
The Rhyming Horseman of the Qu'Appelle:
Captain Stanley Harrison (1978)
Pat Burns: Cattle King (1979)
Grant MacEwan's Illustrated History of
Western Canadian Agriculture (1980)
Métis Makers of History (1981)
Charles Noble: Guardian of the Soil (1983)
Wildhorse Jack: The Legend of Jack Morton (1983)
Marie Anne: The Frontier Adventures of Marie Ann Lagimodiere (1984)
French in the West = Les Franco-Canadiens dans l'Ouest (1984)
Frederick Haultain: Frontier Statesman of
the Canadian Northwest (1985)
Grant MacEwan's Journals (1986)
Heavy Horses: Highlights of Their History (1986)
He Left Them Laughing When He Said Good-bye:
The Life and Times of Frontier Lawyer Paddy Nolan (1987)
Colonel James Walker: Man of the Western Frontier (1989)
Grant MacEwan's West: Sketches from the Past (1990)
Grant MacEwan interview audio tape (1992)
Coyote Music and other humorous tales of the Early West (1993)
Buffalo-Sacred and Sacrificed (1995)
He is the co-author of:
Science and Practice of Canadian Animal Husbandry (1936)
General Agriculture (1939)
Alberta Landscapes (1982).

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